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9.30am Line up

RALLY INFORMATION  - Please advise DC if you are not attending a rally

While the rally is in progress, riders are asked not to leave their group without the permission of their instructor, nor should they leave the Pony Club grounds before the end of the Rally without the permission of the DC.

No parent or friend is permitted to ride any mount on the Club Grounds at Rally without being a financial riding member.


Horse’s to be tied up by hay band not directly to the rails.


Floats and vehicles angle park at right hand side against trotters stables.

No one to park vehicles next to fence near the large oak tree.


Lungeing area is in the enclosed back paddock, as along as the conditions are safe.


In case of a fall or injury to a rider attending a Rally or Pony Club activity, the instructor or level 2 first aid officer will call an ambulance if they have any doubt to the extent of the injury.


Riders need to attend gear check for the following reasons:

 - Safety of riders tack , horses comfort & condition and record of attendance.

- To ensure the day starts smoothly with all riders in their appropriate groups

Riders who need gear fixed, changed, removed or replaced, will have a form filled out and handed to their parents notifying them of the changes required.  Members will have until the next Rally to make the required  adjustments. If changes are not made the rider will not be permitted to ride without the correct gear.  If gear is deemed to be unsafe to ride with, the rider will be asked to change, fix or remove the gear before they can continue on with the Rally.


All members of Pony Club will be issued with an official PCAV Attendance Card one rally after payment of fees. Yearly fees are payable at the May Rally of each year.

Attendance cards should be placed in the Box in the club rooms And Riders are to initial the attendance book  at the start of each rally Attendance Cards are the responsibility of the rider and must be kept up to date with attendance and gradings. Attendance Cards will be signed on the Rally Day. Any change of mount must be notified to the DC at the Rally so that it can be noted on the rider’s card .Riders must attend a full day to gain an attendance mark.  Writing on or altering cards is strictly forbidden.


The following eligibility rules apply:

 Riders cannot compete at a Pony Club competition without an Attendance Card or proof of current membership.

Riders must attend 50% of the Official Club Rallies in the past 12 months preceding the event, or since becoming a member of Pony Club.

The mount and rider as a combination must have attended two (2) Pony Club Rallies in the 12 months preceding the event, or since becoming a member of Pony Club.

Riders must be graded on the mount they are competing on (for age and ability). No grading will mean no competition.GRADING OR HORSE AND RIDER COMBINATIONSHorse and riders are graded into different grades according to age and ability. Grade 5 is the starting Grade and riders can progress up to Grade 1. Riders should make their initial enquiries through their DC and in conjunction with the instructor, their grading will be approved by the DC.  The DC is the only person allowed to mark gradings on the Attendance Cards.CERTIFICATESPCAV has a Certificate award system that whilst optional, is encouraged and included as part of the club activities. The Certificate system is designed to ensure that riders undertake elementary studies in both riding (horsemanship) and care of horses (horsemastership) and citizenship.

‘C’ Certificates -club members who have been in pony club for more than two years and over the age of 13 years (e.g. this means riders who have had their 14th birthday) must have attained their ‘C’ Certificate in order to compete at the state championships. 


During the course of each rally, points are allocated not only for horse and rider presentation but also for rider application to activities. This does not mean that the best rider will always win but rather, the points are allocated on the basis of rider attitude, willingness, co-operation, demeanour and overall endeavour towards each activity. These points are accrued throughout the year and winners are allocated accordingly.


There are many things that need to be organised at Pony Club on Rally Days. Parents assistance and support is greatly appreciated in setting up equipment at the start of the Rally and then packing it up at the end. An equipment roster is drawn up and posted on the noticeboard.


Roster is drawn up. Parents assistance in the Canteen is greatly appreciated.

Snacks, drinks and lunch are served and lunch orders should be placed by 10.00am each Rally Day. SUNSMART CLUB/VIC HEALTHPony Club promotes sun safe with sunscreen available and recommends long sleeve shirts in summer.






Pony Clubs rallies are held on the 1St Sunday of every month, except January