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Mountain District Horse and Pony Club


2 Day Holiday Instructional Clinic

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Victoria riding Baile Brigin over the revamped Water Obstacle
Vicki Harper, Monday, 10 October 2011

Mountain District Horse & Pony Club

2 day Instructional Clinic    -     6th & 7th October, 2011


16 Riders gathered at Eastfield Park Clubgrounds to be instructed by Rosemary Harris - Dressage and Yona Lloyd both Showjumping & Crosscountry. The weather all in all was wonderful with sunshine for the majority of both days with the last lesson of each day unfortunatley having not only a shower but a complete bath on their horses. Many parents and riders stayed and warmed the heart on Thursday night with the Casserole Tea, very yummy, yummy. 

Riders come from local clubs and as far afield as Central Victoria.  Thankyou to our members who rode, they were Victoria H, Rebecca R, Tasha & Tara Z, Cassie J, Bianca A, Tegan W, Somer A & Briana B.  It was great to see Jenny J [past DC & Treasure] & Samantha C [past member and current family] return to the club and ride, well done girls and thankyou for your support. Thankyou to all the riders parents for supporting your children, without you they would not have been able to ride and our clinic would not have gone forward - thankyou. 


Samantha C for baking Slice for the Instructors Morning Tea - Thankyou

Ashley & Vicki H [Melbourne Mini Diggers], Gary & Merja C, for building Cross Country Jumps and revamping the Water Jump in the rain and hail many weeks prior.

Stefan Z, Jenny & Andrew W for attending prior to and finishing Cross Country jumps off.

All Families that attended, helped with set up and packup and provided food for the Casserole Tea on the Thursday evening.



Rosemary Harris

Thank goodness for Strappers

Yona & Bam-Bam not having fun

Rosemary Harris

Our very own chef

That ditch is just to scarey

Not happy Mum

No not happening

Up and over

Woops l dont think so

Very Scary

Please dont make me

It's still scarey

Tired & ready for home